Drunk dancing in the wind

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As soon as Xiao Qi heard this, he really didn't want to. He put his things on the table, jumped on the bed, and stared with big eyes: "Yin Dangdang, what do you mean? Isn't it the first time for me?!"

As soon as Xiao Qi heard this, he really didn't want to. He put his things on the table, jumped on the bed, and stared with big eyes: "Yin Dangdang, what do you mean? Isn't it the first time for me?!" I was wronged. I just didn't know what to say. I just said, "Damn it, how can I say I'm a man?". I sat up, the atmosphere was so strange, and said, "How do I feel?" It was forced X. But Xiao Qi was not angry. He slowly climbed to my side and blew his breath in my ear. The pores of my whole body stood up again. So, do you want to be forced X again? I sweat.. Xiao Qi smiled, got into my arms, hugged my arm and said: "Dangdang, I finally gave myself to you, I am so happy.." I once saw such a remark on the Internet, saying that if a woman does not dedicate herself to the person she loves, she will feel unable to occupy the position in the man's heart. I don't know if Xiao Qi panicked and did so. Anyway, from today on, Xiao Qi and I have become real women and men respectively. Xiao Qi.. I looked at her quietly. Xiao Qi smiled and gave me a sweet kiss: "Get up and have breakfast quickly. I'm not in a good position to make breakfast for you now. I'm moved." Moved, touched the sky, touched the earth, moved the world's most common but the happiest couple of men and women. The day after tomorrow will be the graduation defense, after breakfast,plastic laminated tube, I went back to school, pushed open the door of the dormitory, there was no one, called to ask, all in the Internet bar. When I rushed to the Internet bar, my character broke out. I happened to meet someone who got off the plane. I sat on it hurriedly. Next to me, Jinshan looked at me and said, "Congratulations on becoming a man." Hearing Jinshan's words,cosmetic tube packaging, Xiaoyu looked at me and said with a smile, "It's not easy. Our little director has been dismissed." I'm in a cold sweat. I can't get involved in these problems with these animals. I'm a very pure person. I can't talk about them. I don't know where Dashuai came from. He ran to me and asked, "Brother, how do you feel? Tell me, I want to accumulate some experience." I patted him: "The child, one side cool ~" the commander in chief discontentedly flat mouth walked. The graduation thesis has been written, and the preparation of the speech is the last item. This is a big question. No matter how well you write your thesis, if you can't say it, you will be blind. Speech is best unscripted, next to the SHIRT took Han Shuang to give him a good draft began to speak plausibly back up, this brother can not even recite the exam questions, now still playing games while reciting, can you recite it. After finishing the speech, the baby will give me a call. Elder Brother "What for?" “……” There was no sound on the other end of the phone. I thought there was no electricity. I was about to look at it when the baby spoke again. Brother, I have to go. "Where to go?" I realized something was wrong. France France? France! I rely on, "I can't help but roar to, eye cream packing tube ,polyfoil tube, lead a circle of people to see me, I hurriedly walked out of the Internet bar." Girl, tell me clearly what's going on! “…… The school held an activity with a school in France, and I was selected as an exchange student to study there for two years. The baby sighed and said. What did your boyfriend say? I don't think her boyfriend will agree to this. …… Brother, to tell you the truth, I can't forget a Lian. I want to go out for two years to see if I can forget him. He said he would wait for me for two years. If I agree after two years, we will get married.. This silly girl, ah, what do I have to say when things come to this? Brother, I'm leaving, you have to take good care of yourself, sister-in-law. In a word, I hope that when I come back, I can see my sister-in-law become my real sister-in-law, and I will be an aunt. "Baby said with a smile.". Silly girl, still have the mind to play a joke on me, hey. Graduation defense is not as difficult as we imagined, especially for those of us who have signed the unit. Basically, you can pass the thesis casually, and the teachers did not embarrass us, and all of them passed. The baby lives at home this week. She cooks for us every day. Xiao Qi can't even help. The baby always says, "I can't eat the food I cook for a long time. Let me do it these days." And then we can't say anything. Tomorrow the baby will leave, the baby for us to do a big table of food, but also the fish they are called, let everyone happy for her farewell. Baby, on behalf of our 10506, I propose a toast to you. "Xiaoyu picked up the glass and said," Don't worry, we will take care of you. Even if we can't take care of you, there is your sister-in-law. " The baby took one look at me and raised his glass: "Thank you. I have been to France for two years. I hope you will come to see my brother more often when you are free. My brother is a little big. You should listen to your sister-in-law." After drinking a glass of wine, everyone began to be lively, you spell me, I pour you, the baby seems to be ignited by this atmosphere, happy and everyone. Divergent Life — — Yuezhi Volume Chapter 67 The Last Supper Updated: March 28, 2009 15:33:34 Words in this Chapter: 5203 (To celebrate the closure of the push, this chapter is more 4K words, everyone a lot of support, distinguished guests come ah ~ ~ ~) In the evening, Xiao Qi and I were lying in bed talking about the baby. Xiao Qi asked me to go to the baby's room to see her. She would leave tomorrow. Brother and sister had a lot to say. I went to the baby's room and knocked on the door? Come on in. The baby was now sitting on the bed in her pajamas. I looked at her red eyes, understood that she had just cried, sighed, closed the door, and came to her bedside. Baby I want to find a topic to make the baby happy. Elder Brother Purr The baby jumped into my arms and began to cry again. Cry, cry out to feel better, after today is not allowed to cry. I gently patted her, to tell the truth, my tears have been rolling in my eyes, the little girl has been inseparable from me since childhood, this time to go so far away,cosmetic tube, and it is two years, the key is just experienced the blow of a Lian, I really can not bear to let her leave me.. emptycosmetictubes.com