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"Too handsome, really domineering boundless ah, a dive, within a move to solve a fierce character, who competes with the front?!"

"Too handsome, really domineering boundless ah, a dive, within a move to solve a fierce character, who competes with the front?!" Several young women were very excited and excited. In the distance, Zhou Yitian sighed. Originally, he had great expectations for the Bull God King. Who would have thought that he would bump into the Silver Wing God so early? Unfortunately. Several other strange people carrying photographic equipment also sighed lightly, feeling sorry for the cow God king, but they were still recording persistently. The dazzling silver light finally completely converged, the silver-winged God was no longer an outline, but clearly emerged in midair, as for the battlefield can also be seen by people. In the mountains, suddenly quiet. At this moment, everyone is in a daze. What's going on?! Someone screamed and broke the silence. The girls who had screamed so loudly just now were petrified and could hardly believe their eyes. Impossible, right? A strange woman was shocked and stared ahead. Director, we have a situation! Hurry up, don't miss it, continue to record in all directions! A strange man, carrying camera equipment, took the initiative to remind Zhou Yitian. At this time, all the strange people in White Snake Ridge are staring at that area. In midair, there was blood on the body of the silver-winged God. Although it was very little, it was very striking. He was wounded! There was a cut on each of his silver wings, and blood was dripping from it, some of it dripping on his body. Silver clothes stained with blood, his face was expressionless,collapsible pallet box, and he looked down coldly at the man below. The Bull God King stood intact in the mountains, holding a black dagger and pointing at his opponent in midair. He was still fearless, calm and calm. Black dagger with blood, emitting a cold and faint luster! Shocked and excited, Zhou Yitian said, "It's really unexpected. Go on. Don't miss anything!" Silver-winged God's face was expressionless and his eyes were cold. He knew that he was really careless. He shouldn't have been so careless. In any case, he would not be hurt. He did not tie the fist print, not to mention the use of skills, but with the invincible silver wings,plastic pallet suppliers, suppress the opponent, want to kill the opponent in one move. It can be said that he has capital, which has already been verified. His silver wings are invincible and can cut off diamonds, so he is very relieved. He never expected that a pair of silver wings, which could block the shells, would be cut open with a dagger, oozing blood. In the final analysis, he was too conceited and underestimated the people of the world. Kill! The silver-winged God gave a light shout and was about to dive down again. It was not because he was weak, but because he underestimated the enemy. With a lesson, he would not be so proud and careless in the future. Quick, stop him, King Kong is going to take the pine cone! At this time, someone exclaimed and shouted anxiously. King Kong appeared, and every time he jumped, he was tens or hundreds of meters away. The speed was too fast, and he went straight to the small pine tree. On the small tree about 1.2 meters high, there is a purple and golden pine cone, which begins to ripen, collapsible bulk containers ,collapsible pallet box, and the last touch of green disappears. The fruit is brilliant, filled with purple mist, and emits fragrance. Poof! The silver-winged God stopped his body and drew an arc, like a silver lightning, which quickly went away. He wanted to block the King Kong of the Bodhi gene. Knock! It was not the first time that the two men had fought. There was a big collision, like a violent earthquake. The Silver Wing God flew into the air, and King Kong went backwards. Grab it! Some strange people shouted and rushed forward crazily. Of course, more people are in retrogression, although the fruit makes people move, want to get, but many people understand that they have no chance to go up regardless of the consequences, can only die in vain. Some people came here just to see what was going on, and they thought it was a worthwhile trip. Cow God King there, attracted a lot of people's attention, in any case, people did not expect such a result! Since today, he can not think of fame, is the first person to hurt the Silver Wing God, so a moment, has shaken the White Snake Ridge. Mu, let's end it! Chu Feng is paying attention to the small pine tree, but also paying attention to Mu's movements. Chapter 59 run amuck ? He was not in good condition when he wrote the chapter. I revised it a little bit in the evening. There are ups and downs in my writing. It's hard to avoid. Please understand more. The White Snake Ridge is in chaos, and the fruits on the strange trees are ripe, causing strange people to scramble for them. King Kong and the Silver Wing God are in that area, launching the Armageddon! Many strange people are anxious and want to rush over and pick the purple pine cone on the small tree, but they must pass the two strong ones. Who is the enemy? Can't be a match for those two. Chu Feng also moved, but temporarily did not participate in the struggle, but toward a distant mountain peak, his goal is Mu, to come to an end. Some people noticed him and looked surprised. The battle just now was short, but he did hurt the Silver-winged God with his black dagger, and he couldn't do it without attracting attention. What is he going to do? People don't understand. Chu wind speed is too fast, a vertical is tens of meters away, like a gale, around it, flying sand and stones, the scene is somewhat amazing. He went all the way to a mountain peak. On the way, some people wanted to shoot him, and even rockets flew out to bury him in the mountains. Chu Feng's intuition is extremely keen, can always predict the danger ahead of time, in the violent explosion, in the terrible blazing light, he ran amuck. This scene shocked everyone, and he was not afraid of hot weapons. Arrive! Chu Feng galloped all the way to the front of the mountain with a strong wind. By this time, he had been able to see Mu, and Lin Nuoyi was also on the peak, looking at him. Kill him for me! Mu was angry. Today, the Mu family suffered heavy losses. Thanks to this man, he killed sixteen of his men in one breath. Now, this person still takes the initiative to attack, kill to come near, it seems to want to settle accounts with him. Mu, can not bear, after today's decision-making mistakes, but also so forced, let him have what face? I can't wait to kill this man. Boom! On the mountain peak,drum spill pallet, there are black holes aiming at the lower part of the muzzle, firing at the Chu wind one after another, so powerful that the lower part becomes a scorched earth. binpallet.com