The Complete Works of Bing Xin Volume 2

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For love, which seeks only to reveal its own mysteries, is not love, but a cast net, in which only useless things are caught.

For love, which seeks only to reveal its own mysteries, is not love, but a cast net, in which only useless things are caught. Give your best things to your friends. If he must know the ebb of your tide, let him know the ebb of your tide. Can you still be your friend if you find him just to kill time? You have to find him in the time of growth. Because his time is to satisfy your needs, not to fill your empty stomach. In the tenderness of friendship, let there be laughter and common joy. For in the nectar of little things your heart finds its dawn and is refreshed. Conversation Then one of the scholars said, "Tell me about the conversation.". He replied: When you are not satisfied with your thoughts, you speak. When you can no longer live in the solitude of your heart, you have to live on your lips, and sound is a pastime, an entertainment. In many of your conversations, the mind is half mutilated. Thought is a bird in the sky. In the cage of language, it may spread its wings, but it cannot fly. For fear of silence, many of you go in search of talkers. In the silence of solitude,Prison toilet for sale, their naked selves will appear in their eyes, and they will want to escape. There are also those who speak without knowledge or consideration, but who want to reveal a truth that they do not understand. There are also those who have the truth hidden in their hearts, but they do not speak it in words. In the bosom of these people, the soul dwells in rhythmic silence. When you meet your friends at the roadside or in the market, let your heart, your lips,Flush Retrofit Kit, and your tongue guide you. Let the voice in your voice speak to the ear of his ear: For his soul shall hold the truth in your heart. As the light of wine is forgotten, so the cup is not kept, but the taste of wine is remembered forever. Time Then an astronomer said, Master, what does time say? He replied: You have to measure the time that is immeasurable and impotent. Regulate your manners and direct your spirit according to the time and season. Think of time as a stream. Sit on the bank and watch it go by. But I, who have no time in you, am aware of the infinity of life. I also know that yesterday is only today's memory, and tomorrow is only today's dream. The one who sings and meditates in you still lives in the circle of stars scattered in space at the first moment. Which of you does not feel that the power of his love is infinite? And is there anyone who does not feel that love, though infinite, goes around in its own center, not moving from this loving thought to that loving thought, or from this loving act to that loving act? And isn't time, Concealed Flush Valve ,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, like love, unanalyzable and without crevices? But if, in your will, you must divide time into seasons, let each one surround the others. Let today embrace the past with memories and the future with hope. Good and evil Then said one of the elders of the city, Speak unto us of good and evil. He replied: I can speak of your goodness, but not of your wickedness. For what is "evil"? Is it not only "good" that is afflicted by his own hunger and thirst? Indeed, when the "good" is hungry, he is willing to eat in the black hole, and when he is thirsty, he is willing to drink stagnant water. It is good when you are one with yourself. When you are not one with yourself, it is not "evil". Because a partitioned courtyard is not a den of thieves, but a partitioned courtyard. If a ship loses its rudder, it may drift aimlessly between the reefs without sinking to the bottom of the sea. It is good when you try to sacrifice yourself. When you think of self-interest, it is not "evil". For when you try to be selfish, you are but a root in the earth, sipping in the bosom of the earth. The fruit naturally cannot say to the root, "Be like me, full and ripe, and always contribute the fullest part of yourself." For, in the fruit, contribution is necessary, just as absorption is necessary in the root. When you are fully awake in speech, you are "good". When your tongue moves unconsciously in your sleep, it is not "evil". Even the wrong words can sometimes stir up the weak tongue. You are "good" when you are brave enough to go to the goal. It is not "evil" for you to go around and around. Even those who are lame do not walk backwards. But be alert, you who are valiant and swift, and do not stagger before the lame and think yourselves merciful. In innumerable things you are "good"; in the times when you are not good, you are not "evil.". You just linger and die. Pity the moose couldn't teach the turtle to run. When you ask for your "greater self", your goodness is hidden: This desire is in the heart of each of you. But for some people, this desire is to rush back to the sea, with the mystery of the mountains and the eulogy of the trees. For others, it is the slow-flowing stream that gets lost in the twists and turns, and stays on the way back to the sea. But let not those who desire the deeper say to those who desire the shallower, "Why are you so slow?" For the truly good do not ask the naked, "Where is your garment?" And do not ask the homeless, "How is your house?" Pray Then one of the crowns said, "Speak to us of prayer.". He replied: You always pray in times of sorrow or need, and I wish you to pray in times of fullness of joy and abundance. For is not prayer the unfolding of your ego in the living ether? If it is a comfort to pour out the night of your heart into space, it is a joy to pour out the dawn of your heart. If you cry only when your soul commands you to pray, she will encourage you again and again from your cry until you smile. When you pray,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, you lift yourself up high, and in the air you meet those who pray at the same time as you, those you will not meet except when you pray.