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"I'll do my homework after a few more days off." Tang Xing said, digging a spoonful of ice cream to eat.

"I'll do my homework after a few more days off." Tang Xing said, digging a spoonful of ice cream to eat. I have something to do tomorrow, and your father is on a business trip. You and Xiaolian have to solve lunch by yourself. Mother Tang said. Cheng Lianyi's parents were on a business trip. These days, he came to Tang's house for dinner as usual. Tang Xing did not take it seriously. "Oh, good." The next day, Tang Xing slept until the third pole of the sun. If it hadn't been for the knock at the door, she probably wouldn't have woken up. Who She rubbed her eyes and went to the door. Looking through the cat's eye, she saw that it was Cheng Lianyi. Then she opened the door. Seeing that it was Tang Xing, Cheng Lianyi was also stupefied. "Isn't Aunt Jing at home?" "My mother went out today and let us take care of lunch by ourselves." Tang Xing snorted. She was still angry at the moment, so she simply answered a few words. Seeing her hair in a mess, Cheng Lian frowned slightly. "Have you slept until now?" "If you hadn't knocked at the door, I would still be asleep." Tang Xing yawned and went to the living room. Cheng Lianyi closed the door behind him. "What's for lunch?" "I don't know." Tang Xing shook his head, "I'll wash first." After washing, Tang Xing changed her clothes, blue T-shirt and denim shorts, showing her long straight legs. When she saw something in the kitchen, she hurried over and saw Cheng Lianyi take out the ingredients from the refrigerator. Tang Xing was surprised,side impact door beams, "Do you want to cook?" "Or what?" Cheng Lian looked back, "I don't have a cell phone, so I can't order a takeout. I don't have noodles at home, so I can only do it blindly." "Don't blow up the kitchen." Tang Xing became worried. "You come to wash rice and cook, and I'll cook," said Cheng Lianyi. Purr,beam impact tubes, purr. Tang Xing stomach called a few times, to the point of eating, she is also hungry, although helpless, can only move the pace of the past, "Oh." "Can you wash rice?" Cheng Lianyi didn't believe it. Of course it will. I haven't eaten pork and I haven't seen a pig run. She washed the rice and poured it into the rice cooker, but adding water baffled her. "How much water?" "Just put your hand in and drown the back of your hand." Cheng Lianyi took time to look at her. Tang Xing did so, and the rice was cooked quickly. She stood aside and was surprised to see Cheng Lianyi skillfully cutting vegetables. "Have you done it before?" "According to the recipe, it should be OK." Cheng Lianyi has already memorized the recipe in his mind. At this time, just follow the correct steps. Tang Xing could not help, so he stood there watching Cheng Lian cook. White smoke came out from around the pan, and then was sucked away by the range hood, beam impact tubes ,side impact beams, clearly doing something full of fireworks, but Cheng Lianyi did not touch it at all, the action was clean and not sloppy. Some people look good no matter what they do. Bring me the plate. Tang Xing came to his senses, hurriedly took the plate to come over, a simple green pepper fried potato shreds out of the pot. Cheng Lianyi made two dishes altogether, fried shredded potatoes with green pepper and scrambled eggs with green pepper, which were simple and fast. The rice was filled and the two of them were served. Looking at the good-looking dish, Tang Xing hesitantly stretched out his chopsticks and put them in his mouth. Her eyes lit up, and the taste of the dish was not bad. Cheng Lianyi's eyes were still nervous. "How does it taste?" "It's okay." Tang Xing pushed the evaluation to the lowest level. Her heart is a little jealous, why Cheng Lianyi no matter what things can be done well, this is really too angry. Cheng Lian bent his lips contentedly and began to eat. Tang Xing was really hungry, and the speed of eating was much faster. After eating, Tang Xing touched his stomach and was very satisfied. Do you want some more? Cheng Lian put down his chopsticks and asked. No, you finish it quickly, and I'll wash the dishes. Tang Xing said that since he had cooked, she should also wash the dishes. As soon as Cheng Lian finished his meal, Tang Xing cleared the table without saying a word and went to the kitchen to wash the dishes. Cheng Lianyi followed him. "Are you still angry?" "Humph." From the sound of the tap water, Tang Xing let out a light hum. You want a gift that much? Cheng Lianyi asked again. Tang Xing looked back, "send teaching AIDS, thanks to you think out, I would rather you do not send anything." Cheng Lian hung his head slightly and let out a low laugh. Thank you for giving me a very unforgettable birthday. I will remember it for the rest of my life. Tang Xing gritted his teeth and then went back to wash the dishes. "Have you ever thought about which high school you want to go to?" Cheng Lianyi suddenly changed the subject. Tang Xing's dishwashing hand paused and then answered, "I don't know. I haven't thought about it yet." "I'll go to Chongqing No.1 Middle School. If you can pass the exam, I'll buy you whatever you want." Cheng Lianyi pulled up the corners of his mouth and said. Tang Xing secretly inhaled, Chongqing No.1 Middle School is the best high school in Chongqing, the score line can be imagined, with her current score, some enough to choke. I You may not be able to pass the exam. Tang Xing's tongue was bitter, and he answered with some discomfort. Cheng Lianyi looked at her back and said with a light smile, "Don't you have me?" Putting the clean bowls and chopsticks into the cupboard, Tang Xing looked back at him: "What if I can't pass the exam?" "No, you just have to raise the score." Cheng Lianyi said firmly. Tang Xing looked up and asked, "Why do you want me to go to No.1 Middle School of Chongqing?"? In fact, we are neighbors, and we can meet at ordinary times. Is it not good for us to go to the same high school together? You can go to the same university in the future. Cheng Lianyi did not answer Tang Xing's question directly. The same university.. Tang Xing murmured. Cheng Lianyi's grades are so good that he can choose the top universities in China, but she is different. At the thought that he might not be able to catch up with Cheng Lianyi's footsteps, Tang Xing felt uncomfortable for no reason, and his mind was in a mess. How can we go to the same university when your grades are so good? Tang Xing bit his lip and lowered his eyes and said. Seeing Tang Xing dejected, Cheng Lian felt a sudden pull in his heart,precision welded tubes, "Tang Xing, you believe me." Tang Xing looked up and his eyes were at a loss. "What do you believe?" "Would you like to go to the same university with me?" Cheng Lian asked. Tang Xing wrinkled his nose, "it's not a question of willingness." 。